Link Building With Blog Comments

Website owners are aware that the most essential step to success on the Internet is to drive traffic. No matter how much advertising is being used, online or offline, user traffic will still lag if your website is not well indexed by the search engines. To increase traffic, you must be indexed well by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and more importantly your site must rank well.

It is a given though that every other website owner’s goal is to rank in the top 10 search results as well. Regardless of how unique your targeted keywords are, there will be other website owners targeting the same words. So how do you get your top 10 result? In addition to coding your website HTML correctly and having good content, you must have incoming links. More specifically, you must have links with relevant text, from an ever increasing quantity of domains. To be most effective, the domains you are getting links from must be from quality domains as well. To sum it up, your link building efforts will have a direct correlation with your website traffic and ultimately your profits.

So where could you put your links? You could do it on a forum, either in a post or a signature. You could also post to any of the myriad of web directories on the Internet. You can even find link partners to exchange links with. These methods have been used in the past with success, but you can quickly run in to spam issues from the forums you post on or from some of the spam-laden web directories that exist. One way that can be effective is to comment on blogs that are on topic with your website.

You can find blogs on nearly every topic under the sun. And often times, the people who maintain blogs are not web developers or SEOs. They are average users who have a topic they want to talk about with no interest in SEO, marketing or link building.

So how can you help these bloggers out and at the same time drive traffic to your website? Remember that the blogger’s ultimate goal is often to generate a conversation and to know that they are not talking to themselves. You can contribute to their conversation with comments on their posts. A thoughtful comment that includes a link to your on-topic site can be seen as a positive to the blogger while also lending some value to your website.

Do not spam! Bloggers do not want your spam and will at best delete your comment and turn your comment time in to a waste. At worst, they may label your site as spam. Remember too that nearly all bloggers now have plug-ins in place that effectively flag spammy comments. Help yourself and the blogger out; read their post and understand it before commenting with your link.

Links to your website can usually go in two places on blog comments. The first is in the optional “website” text box that most blog comment forms have. This link location is often allowed and provided as long as you do not comment under a spammy username. The second potential link location, a spot where you can provide some contextual relevance, is in inside the comment itself. If you include a thoughtful comment and your link is on topic, there is a reasonable chance that the blogger will approve your comment.

You should know that if either the username you use for the comment or the link text you provide in the comment is at all spammy, your comment will most assuredly be deleted or marked as spam. Don’t try it! It is a waste of your time. Again, put in an on-topic, well thought out comment and your comment and links have a chance of being approved. The caveat of course is that if you are linking to a shady site (i.e., gambling, adult, or prescriptions) you have almost no shot of getting your link approved by a reputable blogger.

Like any real strategy of building long term links, this will take some time. You need to come up with a plan that includes the types of blogs you want to target, and you need to really think about the comment before writing it.

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